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Children in Rome wants to entertain children travelling to Rome while opening the doors to the history of the eternal city and to the wanders it offers. The idea is to bring children for tours in Rome using the “child entertainer” approach. The tour will respect the child’s timing in terms of concentration, walking and standing and it will be carried out by our smiling and energetic guides, specialised in children’s language and communication skills. The itinerary is planned in its details to appeal to the child’s curiosity and will be enriched with child-friendly gadgets and entertaining material. The history of Rome will be told to kids  in a “fairy tale” formula to engage the child. This tour is the child’s moment to enjoy; it allows the kids to express and discover all the enthusiasm for a city that loves kids profoundly. Not only does Children in Rome present a valid solution for entertaining children, it also contributes to promote and embed culture  and knowledge amongst children travelling from all over the world.  For instance, by introducing principles of the Ancient Roman Empire  which stand at the base of many worldwide concepts. The tours are for children from 5 to 13 years old and are carefully designed according to age group.

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