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Loren Raccah was born and raised in Rome in a multicultural family, today she is a mother of 3 children. Studied, graduated and lived in London for 10 years, has travelled extensively for pleasure and for work, managing international events and accompanying dignitaries as an Interpreter in English, French, Italian and Spanish.


Enthusiastic about art and history she has always taken her children on tours to museums, archeological sites and exhibitions. Having observed how much they love it and how this became a spontaneous cultural gateway while having fun, she had an idea: opening the doors of learning about the unique city of  Rome and its endless history and art  through recreational tours, using a fun and educational approach suitable for children visiting the eternal city.


Loren prepares every tour with motherly care and attention to details; accurately plans every detail, language and communication mode to maximise the fairy tale approach that will ensure complete engagement.​


Guides are selected, trained and recruited into the project on the basis of their merit, background, high qualifications, reliability, warmth and eloquence. Passion, dedication and care flows into the project and foremost there is extreme pride in contributing towards the enrichment of the most valuable asset in the world.....CHILDREN.

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